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Movienya nda bisa ditampilin .. jadi lihat langsung ke youtube aja yah

Video Transcript:

Cameraman: What are you doing here?
Girl: Going back home from school!
Cameraman: Where are you going now?

Girl: Home!
Cameraman: Where is your home?
Girl: Behind the Wall!

Boy: My home is behind this wall. We study at Bet Nabal!
Cameraman: What happened here today?
Boy: They closed the passage, we are not able to go through

Cameraman: Where do you live?
Boy: Pointing to the Apartheid Wall… I live here! Yesterday the passage was open, now they closed it.

Cameraman: Now how are you going to go home?
Boy: I don’t know how to go back home. The passage is closed.
Cameraman: Where does your mother and family live?
Boy: My mother and family live here… right behind the wall and I can’t reach them now.

Cameraman: Where did you come from?
Girl: I came through this passage, now they closed it and don’t know where to go!

Cameraman: Where is your parents?
Girl: Behind the wall!

The rest is self explanatory. The clip shows that the kids could not go home. Someone made them a meal to eat and a temp. camp to study and do their homework. Maybe until their parents notice that their kids didn’t get home on time and go searching for them!!!

Who knows… it might become a new refugee camp!

Action: Spread the video!

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